Julia has experience speaking to patient/parent groups, medical students, educators and professionals in the healthcare community. Julia speaks with honesty, insight and humor proving that raising kids with special needs isn’t a sad thing even though it is challenging. So it’s not surprising attendees who have heard her speak have laughed and cried during the same presentation.

Topics for speaking:

The Impact of a Genetic Condition on a Family

Imagine a mom holding her baby just two days hold when she’s packing to go home from the hospital. She picks up the phone and a doctor she’s never met tells her that her baby has an incurable disease. When she hangs up the phone a few minutes later she’s left feeling hopeless and helpless. This presentation will show you how one doctor could have spared a lot of pain and sadness by taking the time to really help the family at the same time as delivering devastating news to new parents.

Learn how your bedside manner – in any field that touches a family – can make or break those first few moments and weeks of the direction the family takes after a diagnosis. Or learn how hearing a diagnosis is just one very little step in the journey towards care and how starting off with a plan or not settling when something doesn’t feel right are some of the most important things you can do when facing a medical crisis or diagnosis.

Practicing Health Care in the World of Social Media

It is easy to think that the practice or hospital doesn’t need social media. Why open yourself up to something that can seem out of control? Don’t be afraid to use social media to get your philosophy out there to the public or to become the thought leader in your field. If you’re not out there. you’re missing out sharing your story. Learn the practical steps of beginning a social media campaign for your practice or hospital, tips for creating guidelins you’re comfortable with and how to create a crisis plan and what to do if someone has a negative review of you, your practice or your hospital.

Using Social Media for Social Good

You want to do something good that will have an impact to a community of your market? Embrace social media and its power to spread good and raise awareness for a cause or use social media to build a community for your non-profit. Practical steps and case studies about social media for social change presented with ideas about how you can use social media for social good. Even if you can’t fathom why.

Special Needs Parenting

At last count Julia Roberts had dealt with over 67 health care professionals in the care of her children. In one year alone she attended 20 IEP (Individual Education Plan) school meetings for her two kids. The nature of every relationship in her life changed when she heard the words, “polycystic kidney disease” and “developmental delays.” Because of those challenges she’s been able to advise families and caregivers on how to make the system better…for them. Anecdotes and practical tips from a mom in the trenches lend to this popular topic among parents’ groups.

Questions and Answers time at the end of presentations for any of these topics are recommended and questions during any presentation are welcomed if the organizers feel that it is best for the group.

Please contact Julia to discuss your event, at Julia@RobertsResource.com or 404-636-6650.

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